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A ONE MONTH INTENSIVE mentorship Program to build your confidence in raising pigs for quality bacon.

the problem

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The Youtube "Homesteaders"
Let's be honest, you've been frustrated listening to some YouTuber, with no experience, teach you about pigs. Most of them only cares about being famous through click-bait content and it shows.

Industrial Pig "Farming"
You want to feed your family the BEST. Pigs fed cancer causing glyphosate and raised in cramp spaces will never equal the quality and safety you want for your pork.



Pork Rhyne,
The Pork Evangelist

Having trained over 5,000 farmers and homesteaders, Pork Rhyne is an experienced regenerative farmer and international swine educator. Pork Rhyne will guide your family through an accelerated 1 month online training so that you can get your bacon as soon as possible during these uncertain times! 

Pork Rhyne is an advocate of peer-to-peer learning and building community, so you'll have 24 other 
Porksteaders™  to help you on your quest for quality bacon and food security!

In this Program we will cover


During the group training, there will be space to ask questions during love session! Porksteaders™ will be able to submit questions throughout the month for specific guidance.


Porksteaders will also receive pre-session guidance to help them prepare for each session and give them direction on their farm!


Porksteaders™ will have access to session recordings if they are unable to attend the live training that week! However, regular attendance is still highly encouraged.


As you learn with other fellow Porksteaders™ 
there will be in-session opportunities to learn from others through open discussion and sharing of personal experiences.



"I appreciated Pork Rhyne's honest advice when I first chose a 'trendy' pig breed without first doing my homework. Despite my mistake, he helped me see what was possible and how I could move forward. Because of he's advice, I now volunteer on a farm to boost my husbandry and butchery skills!"



"Here in Tanzania, there aren't many pig farm experts. But when Pork Rhyne visited my farm, I received knowledgeable guidance on how to improve an already successful pig enterprise. His wisdom showed me how I could be more efficient and cut my costs on my farm."



"As a mentor, Pork Rhyne has been like a brother to me. He was there for me when I lost my first sow and reminded me to still have hope when I was at my lowest in farming. The encouragement he gave has helped me go from 'homesteader' to a thriving pasture pig enterprise selling retail pork and charcuterie!"


Are you ready to be a porksteader?

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Next Session Cycle: 6 seats remaining
February 21st - March 14th (4 weeks),
Tuesdays @ 6:30 - 7:45pm (EST)


1 Month Mentorship Program Cost: $12.49 per Week
(Originally $99.99)

This program is non-refundable. Refunds will be given in the event the program cycle is cancelled by Pork Rhyne Consulting.

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